Sunday, September 30, 2007

Holy Wah! Total Registered at 91! This will be some retreat!

Erich just sent me this note:
That number includes 61 youth. The rest are adults, pastors, musicians, etc., a few of whom are only attending part of the retreat. I expect about 90 at the Schuler's dinner.
Praise God! We have already surpassed last year's numbers. The response to this year's retreat has been amazing, and thanks to Erich for his work on this project.

Last year's retreat was such a struggle at times, as I had to go to great lengths to just get our numbers up to 50 kids. But the response this year has been overwhelming, and since numbers haven't been an issue, Erich and Co. have been able to focus on making the retreat as great as possible.

It will be bigger, and more than likely, even better than "For All the Saints 2006" was!

We can't wait!

Thank you, Erich!

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